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In Search of Meaning, Part 1
In our endless pursuit for meaning in life, we're often deceived into thinking our acquisitions, our money, our creature comforts, will truly satisfy. Alistair Begg points to the confessions from one of the richest men who ever lived. Hear about Solomon's conclusions ... Wednesday on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg!

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Amy Carmichael “Beauty for Ashes”

Amy Carmichael was born at Millisle, Northern Ireland in 1867 and spent over fifty years, mostly in Southern India, serving as a missionary, mother, teacher, and nurse, to 1,850 girls and 670 boys of the lower caste system.

With the help of a missionary couple, Amy established a home for children at Dohnavur when a young girl showed up on her doorstep after fleeing the horrors of temple prostitution, so common among poor Hindu children. As God continued to bring babies and children to Amy, she realized this was to be her life’s calling and she affectionately became known as “Ammai” meaning “true mother”.

Iain Murray's concise biography provides an enlightening and moving account of her remarkable life and love for her Savior, as well as perceptively drawing lessons from it.