Grace to You

John MacArthur

God’s Kingdom Is Not of This World (#2)

April 23, 2024

When the world takes advantage of you, betrays you, even abuses you . . . how does God want you to respond? How can you shine as a light for Christ in a dark world that’s hostile to Him?

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The impact of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 was monumental. And just a few months before the launch of Apollo 11, John MacArthur launched his pastoral ministry that continues to this day . . .
April 22, 2024
If you have workout equipment in your garage that only collects dust . . . what good is it?
April 19, 2024
Here is an important question for you . . . How do you stand up for God and His Word in a world that’s hostile to the truth?
April 18, 2024
Do you have questions about the Bible? Well, join the club.
April 17, 2024
Here’s an important question . . . with the ongoing moral decline in the world, what does God expect from His church?
April 16, 2024
What does the Bible say about work? Is it just a way to earn a living . . . or is it something that ought to bring you fulfillment and purpose in life?
April 15, 2024
When you become a Christian, you’re transformed forever . . . and the Holy Spirit takes up residence in you. But what does that really mean? How can you know if you have the Spirit, and how does that change your life?
April 12, 2024
For decades, GRACE TO YOU has been taking John MacArthur’s verse-by-verse Bible teaching near and far, for the purpose of “equipping the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ.”
April 11, 2024
When I mention the Holy Spirit, what comes to mind? Unfortunately, you might think about all the ways believers disagree about the ministry of the Holy Spirit . . . and that there’s really no way to settle the issues involved.
April 10, 2024
As you look at the world around you—with your head spinning at all the chaos . . . all the problems . . . all the thinking that is completely upside-down—where can you look for comfort?
April 9, 2024
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This powerful broadcast will boost your spiritual growth by helping you understand and apply God's Word to your life and the life of your family and church. John MacArthur, pastor-teacher, has been offering his practical, verse-by-verse Bible teaching through Grace to You for nearly 40 years.

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John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, president of The Master’s College and Seminary, and featured teacher with the Grace to You media ministry. Grace to You radio, video, audio, print, and website resources reach millions worldwide each day. Over four decades of ministry, John has written dozens of bestselling books, including The MacArthur Study Bible, The Gospel According to Jesus, The New Testament Commentary series, The Truth War, and The Jesus You Can’t Ignore. He and his wife, Patricia, have four married children and fifteen grandchildren.

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