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Ecclesiastes 2 part 1

July 19, 2024

 We’ve got a great study lined up for you today in the second chapter of Ecclesiastes.  King Solomon was a deep thinker - and realized at a time in his life that the material and sensual pleasures he enjoyed were really worthless. That’s a great lesson for us in this materialistic world we live in. 

References: Ecclesiastes 2

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 I know you’ve heard it many times, even on this program, but let me state it again - material possessions have nothing to do with eternal happiness. If you’re looking for a perfect example of this truth, you need look no further than King Solomon. He had everything a man could want - and yet he reached a time in his life when he felt completely empty.  Maybe that’s the place in life you’re at today? The book of Ecclesiastes is the outpouring of those feelings from the heart of Solomon.
July 18, 2024
Ecclesiastes is one of the most practical books in the bible, because it asks a question we all ask from time to time - what’s the point of life? Now, you would think that a man like Solomon, who had everything a person could want, would never ask that question, but he was really lost at this point in his life.
July 17, 2024
Today we begin a new series in the book of Ecclesiastics. This book is attributed to King Solomon, the first of Israel’s wise men. As wise as he was, we can see in the twelve chapters of this book that wisdom didn’t necessarily bring peace to Solomon’s heart. He had many questions about life. In fact, Solomon may have been the first man who suffered a “mid-life crisis”. He had about everything a man could want, yet he felt empty.  His question was - “So what is the point of it all?”.
July 16, 2024
We are pleased to have you with us today as pastors Al brings to a close his mini-series titled “Healthy Church Fundamentals”. Do you consider your church to be “healthy”? There are certainly signs to be looking out for that would indicate an unhealthy church, and one of them is a lack of forgiveness. 
July 15, 2024
The apostle Paul was a great friend to the Thessalonians. They held a special place in his heart, that’s for sure. Yet, there were some who questioned his loyalty to them. His response is a valuable lesson in friendship for us all. 
July 13, 2024
There are several phrases that us human beings find difficult to say. “I’m sorry” is a tough one for a lot of people, and another one is “I forgive you”. That will be pastor Al’s focus today - forgiving one another. 
July 12, 2024
We appreciate you tuning our way today for a message from pastor Al’s new series titled “Healthy Church Fundamentals”. The fundamentals we are considering might also  be called foundations, because a healthy church in the year 2024 has to have a firm and unwavering foundation in order to grow and prosper. One of those foundational principles is service to one another. Maybe it would be better put this way - putting other’s needs ahead of our own.
July 11, 2024
 Pastor Al is currently sharing a series called “Healthy Church Fundamentals”. The three fundamentals we are looking at are love, serving one another, and forgiveness. We covered love in the first two installments, and today we’ll look at fundamental number two - serving one another.
July 10, 2024
Pastor Al Pittman will bring us an important and timely message from his new series called “Healthy Church Fundamentals”. We are living in an era of increased persecution of Christians, and a lot of Christians have succumbed to the pressure and strayed from God’s precepts for leading a life that glorifies God. It’s time to get back to basics, and that’s what we’ll do today as pastor Al talks about one of the most important basics that defines our walk with the lord - love. 
July 9, 2024
 On today’s program, pastor Al brings us part one of a new mini-series he shared recently, titled “Healthy Church Fundamentals”. As pastor Al will remind us today, fundamentals are important in just about every walk of life. The Christian church in the year 2024 is in desperate need of a refreshed course in fundamentals, and over the next several programs we will take a close lookout three essential fundamentals of a prospering church - love, service and forgiveness.
July 8, 2024
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Al was born in Panama City, Florida in 1955. His father was a career soldier, so the family traveled extensively. In 1973, when Al was seventeen years old, the family returned from a tour in Germany and settled in Colorado Springs. Soon after, Al realized God’s call on  his life and began serving in the music ministry as a bass guitarist with a Christian band  called, “The Rays of Light.” It was during this time that Al met Norma, and they were married on July 19, 1975. 

Al attended Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, graduating in 1977 with a degree in Biblical Studies. In 1991 Al and his family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and two years later he joined the staff of Calvary Chapel Albuquerque as an assistant pastor and co-worship leader. In the spring of 1997 the Lord called Al and his family back to Colorado Springs to pastor Calvary Worship Center. In 2006, Al earned his Master’s degree and in 2012 he earned his Doctorate degree in Ministry from Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Al and Norma are the proud parents of three children, Renee, Nathan and Reggie, as well as proud grandparents. They covet your prayers for their family and ministry as they endeavor to live a life pleasing to the Father.

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