Hope For The Heart with June Hunt
How to Shepherd the Sheep
One person can make all the difference and turn someone’s life around. It doesn’t take much – just noticing the need, sharing a word of encouragement or investing quality time. Is God calling you to be a mentor to someone? How do you go about finding a spiritual mentor? Find answers to these important questions, today with June Hunt, on Hope For The Heart!

Featured Offer from Hope For The Heart

Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries

In the book, June and PeggySue Wells, combine biblical hope and practical help to motivate parents to understand and practice appropriate boundaries with their children. Discover the essential role of boundaries, how they contribute to the development of a child’s character and how they equip kids for a lifetime of learning! Receive this book by June Hunt and PeggySue Wells as a thank you for your generous gift!

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