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Steward of God's Grace

August 11, 2013
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Looking through the window, I saw the sunset light that was glowing on the tip of trees and plants. It resembled one of Claude Monet's painting, titled Haystack at Giverny the evening sun. I wished I could bring that light on my painting. The gentle and warm light was like a reflection of God's strong affection toward us.

I can see the same love in the book of Ephesians. Compared to the past background of the people of Ephesus with idolatry, how beautiful the love of God that was poured it out to those who were in the dark and hopelessness. This book reminds us His love is the same today as Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever as the book of Hebrew 13:8 says.

"For this reason I, Paul,the prisoner of Christ Jesus;for the sake of you Gentiles;if indeed you have heard of the stewardship of God's grace which was given to me for you that by revelation there was made known to me the mystery as I wrote before in brief. (Ephesians 3:1-3)

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Yesterday Today Tomorrow is the program that covers the current contemporary social issues in the light of our history to understand our yesterday to live fully today and tomorrow. Through the intense research and study, our program shares the message that helps us to think with rational and critical mind. When we integrate our personal life with studying history, historical and Biblical view can help us unlock our yesterday and lead us to see our today and tomorrow with hope and light. When we dwell in the past, we cannot live fully today, but when we forget the history, we repeat our painful history without being informed (paraphrased by Churchill). Please stay tune 960 The Patriot KKNT 5:30 pm every Saturday and 1360 AM KPXQ 7:00am and 6:00 pm every Sunday with Inseong Kim.

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Inseong is the radio host, Yesterday Today Tomorrow, at 960 The Patriot KKNT and 1360 AM KPXQ and 10+ US radio stations WRN. She aired the pro-life program, In His Love, for 10 years. She is a communicator and journalist, radio host (bible teacher and journalist), artist, author, film executive producer and entrepreneur. Inseong studied Special Education at Ewha Women's University, and obtained an Actuarial Science Degree at Ohio State University and is currently being trained at Phoenix Seminary.  She is married to Steven, a dentist, for 35 years and has three beautiful children.

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