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Dressing for Success

March 22, 2021
Woman at the Well with Kimberly Miller

Dressing For Success - Part 2

March 29, 2021

Most of us don’t spend 1/3 of the time getting our spiritual bodies ready as we do getting our physical bodies ready.    We clothe, cut, wash, comb, sometimes color, and exercise our physical bodies.  But, for most of us, the only attention our spiritual body gets is when we go to church.  Join us in this broadcast of Woman at the Well Ministries as Kim continues our discussion of  the importance of being ready spiritually.

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About Woman at the Well

Woman at the Well Ministries is a Bible based teaching ministry focused on bringing the truths of the Bible to our everyday lives. The teachings of this ministry are intended to point others to Jesus, strengthen our daily walk with Christ, and to glorify our Saviour."

About Kimberly Miller

Kimberly Miller is a Bible teacher and Christian author. She brings to this ministry 34 years of faithful service. The Lord placed in her heart at a very young age an insatiable desire for the scriptures. His hand has guided her through a journey of the Scriptures that has etched them upon her heart. He has now called her to bring to you those truths He has taught her through the years.

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