Men are cruel. They judge often harshly. They know only part of the truth concerning us. They are not patient with our infirmities. But we are safe in the hands of God. He knows the worst in us — but He also knows the best. We may trust our lives, therefore, to God's judgment, even if they are full of defects and flaws. He knows all, and will bring to light all the hidden things. 
~ J. R. Miller
There is an Eye that sees deeper into who we really are than our own. The Bible says, "Man looks at the outward appearance, but God sees the heart." My experience as an actor in Hollywood has shown me that people are willing — even eager — to be fooled by outward appearance. Everyone loves to believe what they see. Few fans consider the heart of their hero. Not so with God. Celebrities are made when people idolize outward appearance. God is not impressed because He sees through the facade and knows the heart of man. When I think of God's penetrating view of my secrets, and how that exposes me to His perfect judgments, I thank God that He is merciful and kind and has chosen to save me and patiently change me. As a son of my Father in Heaven, I can trust Him and His perfect wisdom to chasten, rebuke, correct, guide, and encourage me to become all He created me to be for my good and His glory. In other words, by God's grace, I'm learning to ignore the crowds and live for an audience of One.
~ Kirk