What About the Clothing Laws in Leviticus?
By David Chadwick

Whenever you read the book of Leviticus, remember that you are reading Israel’s holiness code. It was given by God through Moses to the Israelites to create a holy, different, and set- apart people.

Everything in these laws points to holiness – including the clothing laws (Leviticus 19:19). The command to Jews not to intermix certain threads with others may seem bizarre to us. But they were not to God.

Think about how often you daily change your attire. You get dressed in the morning. Then when you come home you may change into another set of clothes. At bedtime, your nighttime pajamas are entirely different as well.

The Jews made a covenant with their God to love him with all their hearts and obey all that he commanded them to do. Their lifestyles would be different from the pagan nations surrounding them.

What could help remind them of this commitment? Their clothes!

Whenever a Jew would change his clothes, he would see the threads and be reminded that he was a different person. It was a daily reminder of God’s desire for them to be holy.

Instead of writing off Leviticus as irrelevant, perhaps a better response would be to ask yourself this question: What do I have in my life to incessantly remind me to be a holy person to God? That I am not like those around me who don’t love my Lord?

That’s the right way to interpret all the clothing laws in Leviticus.

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