I just finished a 15 mile bike ride in winds gusting to over 30 miles an hour. The ride took me an hour and fifteen minutes and included two incredibly steep hills. One of them was so steep that I had to traverse in order to keep from stopping. It was excruciating. Do you know what the hardest part of the ride was? Getting out of bed. So what is the one action that will change your life forever…..?

Just do it!

The hardest part of almost any task or challenge we face is getting started. I am an expert at sitting on my rear while I analyze how difficult a task is going to be, agonize over how long it will take mull over whether I will be able to do it to perfection. A friend of ours, who happens to run one of the most successful Fortune 500 companies in the world, put it well. “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly the first time.”

JUST DO IT. You can always improve on it once you have started.

My friend Eric Alexander, helped guide the first blind man to the peak of Mt Everest. He had to do more than just dream about reaching the summit. He didn’t sit around worrying because a blind man had never been on the summit before. They made it! But it would have never happened if he had hadn’t taken that first step, crossed that first stream, established that first base camp.

What you got to do today?
What you got to do?
Run or just have fun?
Forgive and let Live?
Study and Learn?
What you got to do today?
What you got to do?


Tell me what first step took that led to new horizons? OR What step do you need to take to make something happen? DO IT and then report back and let me celebrate with you!