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Sex without Relationships

June 12, 2009
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Hooking Up Replacing Dating
Warning: We recommend that parents listen to this program before sharing it with their children.
Dating is being increasingly replaced by a new trend called “hooking up.” For those of you who need a definition, it's basically what dogs do. To avoid the hassle of relationships and the emotional baggage of break ups, young people now prefer emotional detachment and the life of the vagabond.
Ironically, the Generations dads also recommend the abandonment of dating, but for different reasons. We're renewing relational living! We're restoring relationships. We're looking for the very best possible husbands for our daughters, and the most compatible wives for our sons. While the world is coming apart at the seams, we're laying footers down six feet deep in our families, foundations that will hold for GENERATIONS!
Included in this program is the question of marrying unbelievers, or fornicators, or ex-prostitutes.

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