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Nena Arias

Liberty or Slavery the Choice is Yours Part 2

November 20, 2012
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Can you name the first Constitution of the United States in its infancy? It is obvious that the Mayflower Compact stated the true intentions and laws the Pilgrims of 1620 chose and they made unprecedented history.  How did this document created aboard the Mayflower and only signed by 41 adults come to govern this nation for 71 years until 1691? Believe it or not, the Mayflower Compact holds the secret to restoring America to its vibrancy once again and with the potential to supersede any thing in its history, the choice is ours.

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We want to help restore America's original foundation in biblical Christian principles which made it the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world in a relatively short time but America has not reached it full potential. Ideas have consequences and they are passed on from generation to generation. To eradicate error, the moral and ethical principles of the Bible must be firmly established in the hearts and minds of each individual. If America is going to survive, its citizens must become re-acquainted with its history, heritage and biblical immovable principles and apply them once again to all areas of life. We hope this program will inspire and challenge you so together we can fulfill our responsibility before God and country to make the difference for our generation many generations to come.

About Nena Arias

Nena Arias

Is one of thirteen siblings; born, raised and educated in California. She was brought up in a Christian home, however her personal commitment to Christ happened at the age of seventeen which also included a simultaneous call to missionary work which she embraced with her whole heart. She answered this call and up until the present is actively involved in ministry alongside her husband, Ramon. Nena is an accomplished singer/minister and conference speaker. Her ministry for the last 40 years has taken her to several continents and nations such as, Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Canada and all across the continental United States and Hawaii.

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