Is God a Liar?

November 11, 2017
Christianityworks with Berni Dymet

Living in the Moment

November 18, 2017

It’s so easy to get our … our view of the world, our perspective distorted. If the devil can get us to believe that it’s all about us, all about today, all about here and now and how we feel – man, he can play merry hell with our lives. And he does!

Join Berni Dymet, on Christianityworks as he takes a look at the devil’s top lies, and what to do about them.

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About Christianityworks

Christianityworks is a weekly half hour Bible teaching program that is aired on over 1,350 radio and television stations around the world.

This is practical, powerful, rubber–hits the road Bible teaching. So join Berni Dymet as He opens God’s Word, to discover the practical wisdom and love that God has for you today.

About Berni Dymet

Berni’s Bible teaching on radio and television is heard and seen by millions of people each week around the globe.

This former army officer and successful international IT consultant came to faith later in life when he was close to the point of suicide. He has never forgotten what it’s like to feel a million miles away from God.

His passion is to open God’s Word to share how close God really is through Jesus Christ.

Berni’s teaching is powerful, passionate and practical. His heart is to help you draw ever closer to God, so that you can experience for yourself the joy, the peace, the power and the victory that God has ready and waiting for you.

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