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Christians, we have a conundrum

August 21, 2018
Living Waters - Way of the Master Radio with Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort & Todd Friel

Richard Gere thinks he is not really here

August 22, 2018

You do not get to heaven by going to church on Saturday. The Mormon delusion continues. Original Air Date January 28, 2008, Part 2. Downloads are made available for personal use only. Use for commercial or broadcast purposes must be approved prior by Living Waters.

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About Living Waters - Way of the Master Radio

INSPIRING and EQUIPPING Christians in FULFILLING the Great Commission. Tune in each day to the Way of the Master Radio Program where Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, and co-host, Todd Friel, educate God's people in the principles of biblical evangelism, exhorting them to fulfill the Great Commission, and equipping them with every necessary resource along the way.

About Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort & Todd Friel

Kirk Cameron played "Mike Seaver" for 8 years on the hit sit-com Growing Pains. He also played the lead rolls in the Left Behind movies and Fireproof. Ray Comfort is the best-selling author of more than 60 books, including You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence but You Can't Make Him Think, Nothing Created Everything (with special cover-condemnation by Richard Dawkins), God Doesn't Believe in Atheists, and Evolution — The Fairy Tale For Grownups. His booklet The Atheist Test has sold more than a million copies. He is the co-host of an award-winning television program (with actor Kirk Cameron), blogs daily to hundreds of atheists at "Atheist Central," has debated atheistic evolution on ABC's Nightline and on the BBC, and was a platform speaker at American Atheists, Inc. at their annual convention in 2001. He is a New Zealander, who lives with his wife, Sue, in Southern California where they have three grown children. Todd Friel studied to be a pastor for four years but neglected to actually get saved. He abandoned church ministry plans and did secular TV, radio and stand-up comedy for 6 years. Gratefully, God saved Todd (from hell and stand-up comedy). Since then, Todd has combined his pastoral training and media skills to host a daily Christian talk show. Currently, Todd is host of Wretched, a daily television show and radio program on Sirius FamilyNet 161 and many stations across the country. Todd has three children, one wife and a dog.

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