Coming Back from Failure, Part 1

September 17, 2017
Times of Refreshing with Bill Crouch

Coming Back from Failure, Part 2

September 24, 2017
It's not easy finding the way back to full fellowship with the Lord after serious failure. This message explains the steps necessary for forgiveness and restoration.
References: John 18:7-27

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Times of Refreshing Ministries is committed to relevant communication of the Word of God with refreshing enthusiasm, teaching people to understand and apply the truths of Scripture in their daily lives and inspiring them to fall more deeply in love with Jesus everyday. Our motto is simply, "Be Refreshed."

About Bill Crouch

In 1989 Bill Crouch closed the door on his architectural practice in Australia and came with wife Leonie and three young daughters to USA to complete Theological Seminary in preparation for ministry as a bi-vocational church planter, preacher and teacher of the Word of God.

The Crouch family then relocated to England while Bill studied at Oxford and finally returned to Australia to pastor in a new church plant. Finally in 1996 Bill returned with his family permanently to California and founded Fountain Spring Church in Huntington Beach.

In addition to his teaching ministry with Times of Refreshing, Bill still practices as an internationally licensed architect and urban designer. These days Bill and Leonie have a growing family in California with the addition of three wonderful sons-in-law and more recently their first four grand children.

Bill Crouch is clear about his personal mission statement, "To fall more deeply in love with Jesus everyday and to inspire others to do the same." Ultimately that is what Times of Refreshing Ministries is all about, teaching and inspiring others to fall more deeply in love with Jesus, the Lord of Life.

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