Episode 4: Physical Health

August 16, 2018
Thriving Student with Danny Huerta

Episode 5: Spiritual Health

August 17, 2018

Many parents feel overwhelmed with the task of leading their children spiritually. Today, Dr. Tony Evans talks about how parents can equip their children to face the culture, while Erin MacPherson and Ellen Schuknecht explain how you can influence your children to follow Christ in school.

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About Thriving Student

Welcome to Thriving Student, a brand new podcast series from Focus on the Family, designed to help parents give their children what they’ll need to thrive during this school year. Join John Fuller, Danny Huerta and featured guests as they cover a wide range of topics to make this school year successful in and out of the classroom.

About Danny Huerta

Danny Huerta, Vice President, Parenting and Youth

Daniel Huerta is the vice president of the Parenting and Youth department at Focus on the Family. In this role, he oversees Focus' initiatives that equip parents to disciple and mentor the next generation, so that they can thrive in Christ.

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