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10 Predictions for 2021 with Bob Doll

January 26, 2021
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After everything that happened in 2020, many people are wondering what to expect from 2021. Today, host Rob West talks with investing expert Bob Doll from Nuveen Asset Management about predictions for 2021.


·      We surprisingly enter 2021 with investor optimism running high and equities discounting a lot of good news, raising the question as to whether 2020 has already borrowed some of 2021’s returns.


·      Prediction 1: The economy GDP increases at its fastest pace in twenty years.


·      Prediction 2: Inflation approaches 2% as the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield reaches 1.5%.


·      Prediction 3: The U.S dollar sinks to a five-year low.


·      Prediction 4: Stocks reach a new high for the twelfth consecutive year, but fail to keep pace with strong earnings growth.


·      Prediction 5: Stocks outperform cash, but cash outperforms Treasury bonds for the first time since 2013.


·      Prediction 6: Value, small and non-U.S. stocks outperform growth, big and U.S. stocks.


·      Prediction 7: Health care and financials outperform energy and utilities.


·      Prediction 8: U.S. federal debt rises to more than 100% of GDP on its way to an all-time high.


·      Prediction 9: The U.S./China cold war continues, but the conversation becomes quieter and multilateral.


·      Prediction 10: Despite polarization, President Biden, Sen. McConnell and moderate forces achieve some compromise legislation.


·      Through everything, remember that all our money is God’s and we are to use it to His Glory.


Here is a question we answered from one of our callers on today’s program:


·      Does getting a credit card from different department stores effect your credit at all?



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