Humility Within
By David Chadwick

If you want to develop humility in your heart, try to exercise this perspective. Be more concerned about the inward, not the outward, qualities of your life.

God looks at the heart. The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart. Out of the heart flows the wellspring of all life.

The heart is invisible. No one can see it. Only you and God know what’s going on in it. But if you develop it rightly, you will become a person of humility. The inward heart of humility will then be expressed in the outward life of humility.

You refuse to eat ego food. You refuse to fall prey to the praises of people being what you want most in life.

Then you are free to serve, not be served.

And that’s the essence of all life.

Live in-tune with the heartbeat of God!

God might have blessed all Christians with grace, but sin still affects our lives.

It steals our happiness and keeps us from experiencing fullness and meaning that Jesus intended us to enjoy.

We want you to live a righteous, fulfilling life that’s aligned with the heartbeat of God—so you don’t have to live another moment in the miserable pitfalls of sin. That’s why we want to send you David Chadwick’s CD series, Heart Beats, as our thanks for your gift below to reach others with the hope of Jesus Christ.

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