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The Peter Enns Controversy

March 24, 2011
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A Division in the Homeschool Movement?

The battle of the worldviews heats up in the home education movement when a conference committee dismisses a creationist, and embraces a speaker who denies the historicity of Adam and the fall of man. Do worldviews really matter? After 30 years of attempts to salvage a few remnants of a God-centered worldview/epistemology, will the Christian Home Education movement capitulate to the inclusivists? Every reformation defines itself at Nicea or at Chalcedon. Some will take the right side and some the wrong side of the salient issues. After the fall of western civilization; after the old liberal churches are cleared out; after the post-modern relativists are gone; when the dust settles, how many Christians still holding on to a distinctively biblical worldview will be left to carry on the faith? We may have a few more iterations to go. Here Kevin Swanson analyzes the teachings of Peter Enns, a new apologist for Biologos and an active player in the Christian home education movement.

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Kevin Swanson is the host of Generations Radio and a homeschool father of five children. Homeschooled himself in the 1960's and 1970's, Kevin went on to run for US Senate and has since traveled around the US and world speaking on the family, education, and biblical worldview. As the Director of Generations with Vision, Kevin has a passion for faith, family, and freedom in the 21st Century.

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