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Supremes Endorse Centrist Socialism for America - Time to Make a Break from Socialism to a Biblical System

June 29, 2012
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The Supreme Court of the United States has issued its ruling on Obama's Socialist Medicine Bill. Some rulings are more important than others. Some rulings will seal the fate of the nation. This ruling really does constitute one giant step towards total government in America. But there is one window of opportunity left for freedom. There is one small exemption left for families who want to be free, and do not want to be euthanized or support government-endorsed euthanasia in the year 2020. Kevin Swanson interviews James Lansberry from the Samaritan Christian Medical Sharing Ministry (exempted in the Senate version of the bill in question). The Amish exempted themselves from Social Security in the Medicare Bill of 1965. "Tucked into the 138 page bill was a clause exempting the Old Order Amish, and any other religious sect who conscientiously objected to insurance, from paying Social Security payments, providing that sect had been in existence since December 31, 1950. Well, tucked into Obama's bill was one more exemption, and Christians are using this one!

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