Truth Encounter with Dave Wyrtzen
The Messiah's Birth
It is almost as if, even through the "musac" that provides the backdrop for our shopping, God is seeking to remind the world of the ultimate truths concerning his gift. Since in the name of political correctness kids in the public schools are not even allowed to learn what Bethlehem is all about, it is up to parents—not a bad idea—to make sure that their own children discover the truth about Christmas day. Listen and learn why the Old Testament that begins with Adam flows right into the New Testament that begins with the Bethlehem baby.

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Advent Readings

Jesus' Birthday is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Be prepared to enjoy His Birthday Party by wrapping your heart in readings from the Scriptures morning and evening. Just click for your PDF of the Advent Readings Calendar that begins on Sunday, November 29-Christmas Eve, December 24.

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