Messianic Vision with Sid Roth
Is there a literal hell? If so, what is it like? How can we avoid going there? Bill Wiese was chosen by God to visit hell and to share his experience there with a generation that is unsure if hell even exists!
  • Friday, November 12, 2010

Featured Offer from Messianic Vision

The Audacity of Prayer & Faith Lift (Book & 4-CD Set)

God's Miracles Are Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

The Audacity of Prayer. (Book) Audacity is defined as boldness without fear. The word itself implies that one has stepped past the ranks of convention and normal expectation into daring, uncharted territory. This is especially so with your prayers. The Audacity of Prayer shares the stories of modern-day miracles that occurred as a result of bold, daring, courageous prayers, including when:

  • God spared a logger crushed by an enormous tree
  • Unborn twins given no chance for life were healed
  • A minister was healed from sudden, massive heart failure
  • A woman conceived after audacious prayers
  • A pastor outlived terminal leukemia by more than fifty years

Let these stories serve as your encouragement and example. Let loose your caution. Throw off your doubts. Look up. Cry out to your loving Father above — and just receive.

Faith Lift. (4-CD Series) Do you need breakthrough in your prayer life? Do you long to see your prayers answered with God's miracle working power? If so, then you need a revelation of audacious prayer. Don Nordin has seen hundreds of lives transformed from what he reveals in this 4-CD series. The teachings and testimonies will empower your prayer life and energize your faith as they lead you out of the valley of doubt into places where only God can sustain you.

Don Nordin is an author and pastor of CT Church in Houston TX where he and his wife Susan minister to a congregation of more than 2,000. They have been pastors for over 30 years.

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