Bible Answer Man with Hank Hanegraaff

Death Has Been Defeated and Q&A

October 24, 2016

On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank shares his thoughts on the armor of God as it relates to death. The breastplate of righteousness can be considered a spiritual heart protector, but the helmet of salvation is a spiritual head protector that covers our minds in spiritual warfare and blunts the blow of death. Although cultural thanatologists may encourage us to accept death as a friend, Christian theology sees death as the enemy. This message radiates from the lips of Job who experienced not only the death of his livestock, but of his children as well. Yet with an eternal perspective he said, “For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth. And after my skin has been thus destroyed, yet in my flesh I shall see God." In Christianity, death has been defeated through the resurrection of Jesus, and we know that God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep.

Hank answers the following questions:

  • Can you define the belt of truth and the sword of the Spirit mentioned in Ephesians chapter 6?
  • Does predestination mean that only a certain number of people will be saved, or can everyone call on Jesus and be saved?
  • We have a leader in our church that doesn’t pray to the Father in the name of Jesus, but prays directly to Jesus; is this correct?
  • Can you address Robert Jeffress' interpretation of Genesis 16:12? Are the descendants of Ishmael, Muslims?
  • Can you address the birth of the belief in the rapture?
  • How can I have assurance of salvation?
  • Did you say that God needed to create to show forth His love? How do you reconcile the Trinity with the Bible’s teaching that there is only one God?
  • Does God forgive those who had abortions? Will He exact judgment upon them?
  • Does everyone get a new body after death regardless of their destination?
  • What is the Bible’s perspective on church leadership being involved government?

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Other noteworthy volumes include The Prayer of Jesus, which rose to number one on the Christian Marketplace Bestseller list October 2002, and the popular Complete Bible Answer Book: Collector’s Edition, which clearly and concisely answers common questions regarding Christianity, culture, and cults, while tackling complex questions including, “How can Christians legitimize a God who orders the genocide of entire nations?” and “How could the Bible command a rape victim to marry her rapist?”

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