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March 23, 2021
Teen Nuggets with Mike Conan

So, you didn’t make the cut??

March 31, 2021

This Teen Nugget focuses on rejection. How do we handle the painful path of

rejection? Mike talks about the pain and how sometimes God uses our pain,

even rejection, for his great purposes. The greatest people in the world

have one thing in common, they learned to keep going amidst the pain.

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About Teen Nuggets

Legacy Leadership's podcast for teens and their parents. These podcasts are meant to be listened to with your teen on a drive or separately and then discussed together. It is ten minutes of inspiration and wisdom helpful for teens.

About Mike Conan

Mike and Michelle Conan have been married for 20 years and they have four kids in the house. Mike has been a lead pastor in the Presbyterian church for 20 years! He recently finished his doctorate in leadership and spiritual formation and wrote his dissertation on reaching men to revitalize the church. He brings his passion for the church, evangelism and discipleship to Legacy Leadership.

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PO Box 7324
Tacoma, WA 98417