Made to Crave for Young Women


I read a disturbing article over the weekend about a new trend among teen girls. Teens are posting videos on YouTube asking the question, “Am I ugly?”

This broke my heart on several levels.

One, because many people leaving comments for these girls were horribly unkind.

Two, because had YouTube been around when I was a teen, I could have been one of these questioning girls. I remember what it was like to feel different. Unaccepted. Not pretty. Desperate for someone to validate me.

Craving acceptance from friends and attention from boys. Because that’s what I thought would fix me.

And that’s why I partnered with Shaunti Feldhahn to write "Made to Crave for Young Women" that moms can use with their girls to address this exact issue.

Unlike the original "Made to Crave" book, "Made to Crave for Young Women," goes beyond just addressing cravings for food. It addresses three major longings of a young woman’s heart and explains how God is the only true source for getting our “soul needs” met.

When writing this book, Shaunti and I asked a focus group of girls some very direct questions about their needs. We found it interesting that they all agreed God could meet their needs. But when we asked “how” everyone remained silent.

One girl broke the tense silence by uttering, “I know God can meet my needs. But I just don’t know how to get closer to God and really learn to rely on Him in this way.”

I think a lot of Christian teen girls feel this way. They hear at church that God is the answer. But they don’t know how to apply that knowledge when their hearts feel desperately insecure.

Moms, "Made to Crave for Young Women", is the tool I’ve been wanting to use with my girls. And when I couldn’t find it, I wrote it.

I’m determined to do everything I can to equip my girls spiritually and emotionally against some of the most common pitfalls teen girls face:

  • - Thinking that right boy will fix all their wrongs and fill up their insecurities.
  • - Struggling with overeating or under-eating.
  • - Relying on material possessions to make them feel noticed.

If you want to be equipped to really talk about these issues in a way that will resonate with your daughter, sister, niece or any other important young woman in your life — "Made to Crave for Young Women" is now available.

And by the way whether you’ve had a shower and are looking good today… or if you are sporting three day old hair like me — you are beautiful, treasured, and adored. God says so.