By David Chadwick

Who is the enemy?

You can know much about a person by his name. For example, King David’s name means “beloved.” He was the beloved king and shepherd over Israel. His name expressed his character.

In the Bible, the primary name given to God’s enemy is Satan. It means “the adversary.”He is contrary to God in every way. He brings evil, darkness, death, and destruction. God is the source of good, light, life, and wholeness.

Satan is also your personal adversary. He constantly accuses you (Revelation 12:10). He points out ways that you have disobeyed God and then incessantly whispers to you how awful you are.

Condemnation is Satan’s calling card.

Imagine a courtroom. There is a vicious prosecutor who wants to prove your guilt. He is relentless in his assaults, producing a plethora of evidence to prove his point. After his withering prosecution, you admit your guilt and shame while awaiting punishment.

That’s what Satan does. He is your chief accuser. He yearns to paralyze your potential for God’s Kingdom.

God sent his Son, Jesus, to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8). The Holy Spirit convicts you of your sins and your need for a Savior. This conviction drives you to the cross, where you are forgiven forever of all your sins.

Grace then floods your soul. Your sins are not only forgiven, but forgotten forever (Psalm 103:12).

What should you do when Satan continues to accuse you? Turn to your defense attorney, Jesus. Let him defend you. Allow him to share the price he paid for you to be set free.

Satan is then silenced.

And you are free to live without guilt or condemnation.

If you believe this, 2018 should be your happiest year ever!

Stand strong in the attack

God’s equipped you with exactly what you need to defend yourself from the devil when he comes creeping into your life.

David Chadwick’s CD set, The Enemy, shows you how to use the tools God has given you to resist Satan’s advances.

In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use God’s Word, the ultimate defense, to deflect evil
  • Resist the Devil’s advances
  • Pray to fight temptation
  • Submit to God and let Him work it out for your good

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