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Reasoning With The Lord

March 8, 2020
Living Oracles with Roger Salter

Balaam's Obduracy

March 15, 2020

Numbers 22:21-31

Sinners are blind. They do not see the drawn sword of divine judgment awaiting them in their dangerous path. Divine instructions and obstructions do not delay or divert them. Even when God narrows their path with difficulties they press on (vv24-25). The lesson of Balaam is the warning that we may so defy God or attempt to manipulate him that we fall into irredeemable insensibility to his will and voice.

References: Numbers 22:21-31

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About Living Oracles

LIVING ORACLES is an attempt to allow Holy Scripture to speak for itself so that the Savior is communicated as the central message, and that through Him, eternal salvation may be gained by those in whom the Holy Spirit generates the gift of faith in response to the Word.

About Roger Salter

Roger Salter was born and raised in Australia. He trained for the Anglican ministry at Trinity Theological College in Bristol, England from 1974 to 1979. Following ordination, he served in several parishes in the Church of England and transferred to Birmingham, Alabama in 1994. His life is enriched, and ministry supported by his Irish wife, Maurreen, his son, Alexander, and two daughters, Helen and Melanie.

Subsidiary to the preaching of the Word for its own sake, Roger Salter entertains the passionate hope that the Anglican Communion will wholeheartedly return to its foundation in Scripture and once again boldly confess its Reformational heritage without reservation or compromise. The Reformation of the 16th century, and the Great Awakening of the 18th century, are the high-water marks of Anglican history and inspire the plea that God will mightily use the Anglican tradition in the cause of the gospel in the not too distant future. May this sector of the People of God be instrumental in revival and reform.

"The Scripture is that wherewith God draweth us unto Him. The Scriptures sprang out of God, and flow unto Christ, and were given to lead us to Christ. Thou must therefore go along by the Scripture as by a line, until thou come to Christ, which is the way’s end and resting-place."
- William Tyndale

"You know how strongly I assert all the doctrines of grace as contained in the Westminster Confession of Faith, and in the doctrinal Articles of the Church of England. I trust, I shall adhere to these as long as I live: because I verily believe they are the truths of God, and because I have felt the power of them in my heart."
- George Whitefield

"We want nothing but the old truths rightly preached and rightly brought home to consciences, minds, and wills. There never has been good done in the world excepting by the faithful preaching of evangelical truth. The good that has been done in the world, however small, has always been done by evangelical doctrines."
- Bishop John Charles Ryle

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