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Where's the Birth Certificate? - Interview: Dr. Jerome Corsi

June 2, 2011
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The American people are wondering about the intrigue. . . the refusal on the part of the hospital to divulge information. . . the hesitation to produce the certificate, and then all of the "investigations" into the authenticity of it. Why do we have to make do with an "electronic" image? Why wouldn't the White House have produced a hard copy or even the original? Wouldn't they want to put the question to bed, once and for all? Why fuel the fires of the "conspiracy theorists?" The Bible requires a natural born citizen to represent the people, and so does the constitution (according to our guest, Dr. Jerome Corsi). President Obama is the first president with a foreign born father since Chester Arthur. Is it a worthwhile question? Dr. Jerome Corsi defends the case he made in his new book (presently topping the best seller lists), "Where's the Birth Certificate?"

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