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The Great Depression of 2009

January 19, 2009
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Why we Couldn't Be More Optimistic
It's the worst rise in unemployment since 1945. And we just faced the worst annualized drop in the stock market since 1932. We're shaping up for a "perfect storm." Comparing ourselves with FDR's scenario, we're facing 10X the debt, 3X the socialism, far less global economic resilience, far less room to grow on technological productivity, and far less national character than anything FDR had to work with. Sorry BO.

But Kevin Swanson couldn't be more optimistic! Every breakdown affords an opportunity for rebuilding. With the reshuffling of the economic deck of cards, we're going to start asking some of the basic questions, like -- is it really worth it to spend $80 grand on your kid's secular college education, so he can graduate with a 10% chance at a $32K a year job?

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