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The Court Decision of the Decade - Hobby Lobby vs. Sebelius

June 25, 2014
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There are Supreme Court decisions and then there are definitive Supreme Court decisions. The Hobby Lobby-Sebelius is imminent, and it will set a direction for religious liberty and Western Christianity. But why make such an ordeal out of abortifacient drugs? Kevin Swanson calculates 200 million abortions over 20 years, if all Plan B, IUD's, and Pill abortions are included. Over 200 countries have birth imploded since 1960, and only 10 have seen a slight increase in birth rates. Will anybody stop or even slow down the mass slaughter of the innocents? A few Christian businessmen have stepped into the gap. But will they survive?

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Kevin Swanson is the host of Generations Radio and a homeschool father of five children. Homeschooled himself in the 1960's and 1970's, Kevin went on to run for US Senate and has since traveled around the US and world speaking on the family, education, and biblical worldview. As the Director of Generations with Vision, Kevin has a passion for faith, family, and freedom in the 21st Century.

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