Whenever we ask for you and the many other friends and supporters of Christianityworks to share your prayer requests with us – the single, most common prayer request (by an absolute country mile) goes something like this:

Can you please pray for my husband or wife, or son or daughter, or grandchildren to come to faith in Jesus?

It’s more frequent than all the other prayer requests combined – it’s obviously a big issue for many. And so what I really want to do is to encourage you that there is something powerful you can do. That something, is to ….

… pray.

Pray?! Is that it? Really? Isn’t there something more I can do?

Too often we treat prayer as a last resort. It’s like when the kids were young and we had to assemble that toy on Christmas morning. We’d try this and try that and then, in frustration, when nothing else worked, when all else had failed, as a complete last resort, we’d read the instructions – right?!

So often our loved ones are hurting. Their lives are dysfunctional. Perhaps there’s divorce involved, pain of some sort. All we can see is the enormity of the problem. All we can see is their pain and sorrow.

And we go to God and ask Him – God, why are you letting this happen to those I love so much?

At those times, somehow praying just doesn’t seem to be enough does it?

And yet in truth, prayer is the single most powerful thing we can do, because in praying we’re joining hands with God to see His purposes realised on earth.

I gave my life to Jesus at around 11:15 am on Sunday the 15th of October 1995. I was, you’d have to say, a hard case. A tough nut. Not in a million years would anyone imagine that Berni Dymet would ever give his life to Jesus. Seriously!

After I became a Christian I discovered that a couple – two people I really didn’t like, two people I didn’t treat very well at all … because they were Christians!) had been praying for me for 18 years to come to Christ.

18 years! They still can’t believe what God has done. But I have absolutely no doubt that He did it through their prayer.

Today I want to encourage you to pray – believing that the God who loves you, the God who found you, the God who is healing you, is the God who wants to do the same for those whom you love.

"Beloved, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have boldness before God; and we receive from Him whatever we ask, because we obey His commandments and do what pleases Him." (1 John 3:21,22)