Walk in the Word with Dr. James MacDonald
Freedom from Religion – A
We were created to enjoy a personal, authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. But sometimes there’s blockage or we encounter obstacles that destroy our intimacy with Him. In this message, Pastor James shares how religion – saying and doing the “right” thing, but not being changed at all on the inside – can become one of these barriers.
  • Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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We can all get stuck. Stuck in the past, an unhealthy marriage, discouragement, or fear. But God didn’t create you to stay there, spinning your wheels, unable to make progress. God Himself establishes your steps, and He wants you to keep moving forward to experience His best in your life!

I have good news for you today: God wants to help you get UNSTUCK! And these resources are going to help you discover how and why God wants to see you move forward in victory. For when the revelation of God’s power comes alive in your heart, everything will change. You’ll break free from fear and so much more, experiencing the life of peace and confidence God has for you! —James MacDonald

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