Walk in the Word with Dr. James MacDonald
You’ve walked the aisle. You’ve said the prayer. You’ve made a personal and real commitment to following Jesus Christ. And yet, you find yourself in a battle, struggling to make the right decisions. Find out how you can stand firm, even when you are weary, even when you want to quit. This message will help you drive your stake in the ground, faithfully, firmly, and without compromise.

Featured Offer from Walk in the Word

Five Moral Fences Booklet

We protect what we love, putting security systems on our homes, alarms on our cars, and padlocks on our treasures. But are you protecting what really matters? Moral failure brings devastating consequences to the name of Christ and those you love. Everyone is vulnerable without safeguards. Don’t risk living outside the fence.
The Five Moral Fences booklet is our thank you for your gift to the ministry of Walk in the Word.

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