Walk in the Word with Dr. James MacDonald
Money: Multiply it Faithfully – C
You are working for a demanding boss. His name is Jesus. And He expects a return on all He has given to you. Explore the parables of the minas and talents and find practical advice on investing and debt. With a right view on fear, faith, and finances, you can prepare to hear Him say, “Well done.”

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Planted Deep Collection

"Trying times, struggles, uncertainty—we’ve all been there, right? In moments like those we have a decision to make . . . faith or fear. And though it may not be the most comfortable place to be, it’s always worth it when you choose to step out in faith. The truth is—nothing that you’re facing is too much for our God. We serve a good and faithful Heavenly Father! Yet in the midst of difficult circumstances, it can be easy to forget that. But when you choose to step out in faith, God is always faithful to do His part. These messages and resources are going to root you in that powerful truth and empower you to experience the goodness of God like never before." —James MacDonald

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