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"God Is For You" and "God's Love Found Me...Through An Old Familiar Song"

Knowing who you are in Christ—and how much the Father loves you—is the key to growing in spiritual maturity and the first step to receiving all God has for you. And because He loves you, God wants to lavish all the fullness of Heaven on you out of His goodness. Tough times may come, but He has already promised to work everything for your good. Know this truth: God is for you!

“Let me be as clear as I can be: Your identity is found in the love of your Heavenly Father. God wants you to abide in His love for you and receive what He has for you. Make sure you request the resources below. I know they will equip and empower you to change your life forever.”
– James MacDonald

Receive the “God is For Me” CD and “God’s Love Found Me … Through An Old Familiar Song” DVD for your gift to the ministry of Walk in the Word.