Free To Care Not To Worry, Part 1

February 12, 2017
Truth Encounter with Dave Wyrtzen

Free To Care Not To Worry, Part 2

February 19, 2017
There has never been a church with more available Bibles, more effective teachers, more beautiful and efficient worship centers, and more financial resources. Looking at the externals you would expect this church to have the most healthy spiritual people and to exert a powerful influence for God in their society. But for the most part the secular society views the church as angry, radical dissidents who view anyone who disagrees with them as an enemy. Where have we missed the path? What’s wrong with the evangelical church in America?
References: 1 Corinthians 7:25-40

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Above everything else Dave Wyrtzen is a pastor-teacher. In 1973 he sat together with about sixteen others in a small town thirty miles southwest of Dallas. These sixteen wanted someone to simply open up the pages of Scripture on a Sunday morning, help them to hear the truth, and then train them on how to live it in the marketplace. Dave served as senior pastor at Midlothian Bible Church for 40 years, and now is focusing on serving the greater body of Christ through Truth Encounter and teaching.

He received both his Th M and Th D from Dallas Seminary and is an adjunct faculty member for the Seminary on both the masters and doctoral level. He also teaches Introduction to the Bible at Southern Bible Institute, and World Religion at Navarro College. Dave speaks regularly for Bible Conferences and in many foreign countries. Dave's greatest joy is his wife, Mary, their eight children (counting spouses) and ten grandkids. His life goal is to communicate God's truth through the power of the Spirit in practical and skillful ways. Through Truth Encounter we invite you to join us for his unique depth, passion, and practicality. This Bible teaching is rooted in solid study but lives in the office, classroom, and ball field.

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