The Journey with Ron Moore
The King’s Humility
The One who created the world with just a word entered that world through a humble birth, to humble parents, as a humble baby.  Was it weakness in the face of His rebellious creatures that determined this meek arrival?  Or was it a power greater than the 'Big Bang'?  That’s Ron Moore’s focus in today’s message.  Listen and discover what it means for your life.

Featured Offer from The Journey

Assurance of Salvation MP3 and CD

When alone with your thoughts do you suffer nagging doubts about your salvation?  When you sin do you worry that the Lord has abandoned you—counted you unworthy of His continued grace?  Does that worry and doubt ever drift into outright fear of eternity?

Well you can find the joyful confidence scripture promises in Ron’s audio CD titled: “Assurance of Salvation.” 

In this comforting message Ron shares his own story of spiritual uncertainty and how that burden was lifted from his soul by the truths of God’s Word.  Those clearly explained truths will ignite in you a deeper love and passion for Christ and open the doors to spiritual freedom.

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