The Journey with Ron Moore
CHANGED: Resolved to Stand Alone
The first Christian martyr demonstrated that life is only worth living, if what you have is worth dying for. And so Stephen did both. He found a life worth living in Christ and was stoned to death for his faith. Today Ron Moore challenges us to live as Stephen lived with courage, confidence and the peace of mind that through it all Christ will be with us.
  • Friday, March 19, 2010

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Sanctifying Sexual Desire in Men

It’s no secret that our culture has become obsessed with sexual expression and identity.  Pornography is rampant and easily obtained. The millennia-old foundations of biblical marriage are under assault. To even question the new-morality invites scorn and derision.

Well, in Ron Moore’s audio resource, “Sanctifying Sexual Desire in Men,” you’ll discover real hope and understanding regarding the temptations our society throws at us.


In this candid conversation you’ll learn things parents can do to inoculate their sons from the pornography that seeks to infect their souls. You’ll also hear a sensitive examination of same-sex attraction and how individuals, parents and the Church should respond to it.

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