Songtime with Adam Miller
Numbering Our Days
Dr. Howard Hendricks talks about "A Christ Centered Marriage."
Dr. Howard Hendricks warns us about "False Teachers."
Neil Anderson answer's the question "What Is Your Identity."
John Nieder's message today is entitled "Numbering Our Days."
  • Friday, January 27, 2012

Featured Offer from Songtime

Rejoicing in Christ by Michael Reeves

If we want to know who God is, the best thing we can do is look at Christ. If we want to live the life to which God calls us, we look to Christ. In Jesus we see the true meaning of the love, power, wisdom, justice, peace, care and majesty of God. Michael Reeves, author of Delighting in the Trinity, opens to readers the glory and wonder of Christ, offering a bigger and more exciting picture than many have imagined. Jesus didn't just bring us the good news. He is the good news. Reeves helps us celebrate who Christ is, his work on earth, his death and resurrection, his anticipated return and how we share in his life. This book, then, aims for something deeper than a new technique or a call to action. In an age that virtually compels us to look at ourselves, Michael Reeves calls us to look at Christ. As we focus our hearts on him, we see how he is our life, our righteousness, our holiness and our hope.

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