Newburgh Theological Seminary with Dr. Glenn Mollette
In today's teaching Dr. Glenn Mollette reminds us that Jesus called the early disciples to follow Him. Today our Lord is still calling and He is calling you. It's time to Get With It! Hear Carole sing "In The Name of the Lord."
  • Sunday, March 16, 2008

Featured Offer from Newburgh Theological Seminary

A Church Growth Guidebook For Ministers And Laity

Church Growth 101

Dr. Glenn W. Mollette has been writing most of his life.He is the author of numerous books.

Church Growth 101 A Church Growth Guidebook for Ministers and Laity is based on his thirty-five plus years of pastoral ministries.All the churches Dr. Mollette served grew in attendance, mission giving and effective ministries. This is a must read for every pastor, church staff worker, and church member. In this book Dr. Mollette shares practical and simple insights that will help your church grow.

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