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Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain & Mysteries of Heaven and Life after Death (Book/CDs & 3-CD Set)

Perry's New Landmark Book! And More!

Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain. (Book) Do you understand Heaven well enough to answer questions by someone who is not saved? Perry Stone's new book, Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain, is now in print, written to help answer numerous, unusual and complex questions about heavenly mysteries you should understand. His Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain package also includes a recent prophetic message on CD, The Daniel Key to the Messiah's Return, revealing a new timing of apocalyptic events. It is paired with Hidden Prophecies in the Parables, Perry's CD teaching on how end-time predictions are concealed in the parables of Christ. Heaven is closer than we think.

The Mysteries of Heaven and Life after Death. (3 CDs) Are you ready? You are on a journey toward eternity and a place called Heaven. Perry explores ancient understanding and Scripture details often overlooked and seldom taught. The surprising mysteries of Heaven, eternity and life after death are well worth exploring. His set includes:

  • An Earthly Glimpse Behind Heaven's Gates
  • What Do the Righteous Dead Know?
  • Who Will Be in Heaven and Who Will Be Missing?

Washington Harbingers & 2016 Election. (CD) The Washington Harbingers details an all-but-forgotten election year pattern regarding a 1930s prophetic word by William Branham. It has come to pass up to this point! Hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking in this time and season. Perry says now is the time to listen.

Perry Stone is a fourth generation minister and director of Voice of Evangelism. He is recognized as a leading author and teacher on Bible prophecy. Perry is joined in ministry by his wife, Pam. They reside in Cleveland, Tennessee.

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