Messianic Vision with Sid Roth
Have you lost your impossible dream? Leif Hetland has a gift from God to teach you to dream. Dream with God and watch those dreams come to pass! It's time to begin walking in your divine purpose and destiny!
  • Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Featured Offer from Messianic Vision

Lioness Arising - Curriculum (Book, Study Guide, 3 DVDs, 4 CDs & Tote Bag)

Wake Up and Change Your World

The lioness rises from her slumber, a magnificent image of strength, passion, and beauty. Her mere presence commands the landscape, protects her young and empowers the lion. In groups, lionesses act as one to become a creative and strategic force to be reckoned with. In Lioness Arising, Lisa offers the life and image of the lioness as a fierce and tender model for women to wake up, rise up and change the world.

  • Become a stunning representation of strength
  • Learn to fiercely protect the young
  • Lend your voice to the silenced
  • Live in the light and hunt in the dark
  • Raise a collective roar that changes everything

Lisa Bevere challenges women to discover fresh passion, prowess, and purpose. Lisa's passion is to lead women into uncharted territory where they'll discover their strength and use it for service, not status. This set includes 8 video sessions and 8 audio sessions along with the book and guide.

Lisa Bevere and her husband John are founders of Messenger International. Lisa is an author and advocate for social justice and change. She is the founder of Pearl Alliance, an outreach working to stop human trafficking. The Beveres reside in Colorado Springs, CO.

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