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Bill Ligon reveals what the Jewish patriarchs knew about the supernatural power of imparting blessings!
  • Monday, October 17, 2011

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Whole New You (Book, DVD, 3-CD Set & CD)

Cleansing the Temple That Is You.

Laura Harris Smith almost lost her life to adrenal failure. Her road to recovery brought powerful lessons that you need to know. A certified nutritional counselor, Laura says the demands of our fallen world also leave behind toxins like doubt, disappointment and discouragement that drain our faith and affect our entire being — body, mind and spirit.

Using a one-month detox structure, Laura uncovers 30 faith-toxins that affect us all. By Scripture, prayers and faith declarations, you literally cleanse your spirit and emotions. Laura also leads you through a simple, daily nutritional cleanse with detoxifying foods from your own kitchen. This 30-day adventure refreshes spirit, mind and body with highlights including:

  • 10 Healing Commandments
  • How to develop good sleep
  • Which color foods nourish which part of your body
  • 7 daily vitaminds (vitamins for the mind)
  • The importance of your inner self

Day by day, reclaim, refresh and refuel your faith and bring healing to the whole temple — the temple that is you.

Instant Faith Renewal (CD) This special companion CD by Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark will walk you through the process of how to heal underlying emotional wounds in your heart that become barriers to God's blessings in your life.

Laura Harris Smith founded Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship with her husband, Pastor Chris Smith, where she mentors young writers all over the world in online classes. A certified nutritional counselor, Laura was a TV host on the Shop at Home Network and is the author of multiple books. She and her husband have six children and reside near Nashville, Tennessee.

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