Precious Pilgrim,

"Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28.

Boy, that's good news! Lord, I'm tired - bone tired - both mentally and spiritually tired. At a conference for the past ten hours, I've been informed of the problems in our city. I mean weighed down, burdened and wrung out! A glimmer of hope would almost flicker then - whomp! Put out by a "but." Crime, drugs, economics, education, government, racism, sexism - whomp! I feel like I have been bombed by reality. My beautiful bubble has popped, or has it? And if it has, what's left - a puddle? No! A cross - two crosses.

The facilitator ended the session by drawing two pluses (++) on the blackboard and concluded that in all situations, the only way for progress is a "win-win" situation. He saw two pluses - I saw two crosses - one Christ's - the other mine. He saw every unjust, evil situation in our society as having to do with power play, and he felt that only as we eliminate the power over one another can positive change be made. He saw two pluses, I saw two crosses - Jesus' and mine. He hoped some day our group could embrace each other and accept each other's differences. I saw Jesus washing feet (John 13:5) - and talk about reverse power play - Jesus washing feet.

I've only had a "foot washing" with five-year-olds and I love five-year-olds. They're usually game for anything. "A foot washing, yea!" It was during Bible School. I got my group seated in a circle, some giggling, some timid. While taking off their shoes, I received wonderful comments like "ucky!" On my knees I went around washing their precious little feet with soap and water and telling that them Jesus did this to show His disciples that He loved them. Some squirmed at first, complaining of tickles, then slowly they became quiet and attentive. "Oh, Jesus did this!"

I wish I'd had a bucket of water today at the meeting. I could feel the hurt and the pain and the anger and the frustration. Two pluses - two crosses - Jesus' and mine.

"People, roll up your pants, sit back, relax, take your shoes and socks off, I've got something better than a hug."

Two pluses - no - two crosses - Jesus' and mine.
"Take up your cross and follow me." Mark 8:34.
Yes, Lord. Do you mind if I bring a bucket of water along?


Your sister in Christ,

(c)1990 Precious Pilgrim Ministries