Light of the Word with Pastor Steve Mays

Welcome back as we continue our look at the life of Job.  So far we've learned that Job's friends weren't quite the comforting type toward their ailing buddy.  What is the comforting type, you ask?  That's what we'll discover over the next couple of programs.  In Job 16 and 17 we see Job turn the tables on Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, explaining how he would have consoled someone going through tragedy like himself.  It's good insight to help us be effective at reaching out to those in need of comfort.  Take a listen.

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Overwhelmed by God and Not Your Troubles by Steve Mays

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when life brings financial, relational or spiritual trouble. But what if, instead of focusing on the trials and challenges, Christians would allow themselves to be overwhelmed by God? Pastor Steve Mays invites you to accept God’s promise of abundant life.

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