Light of the Word with Pastor Steve Mays
Throughout Scripture, we discover that one of the most effective strategies the enemy uses is that of compromise.  Moses and his confrontation with Pharaoh is a clear example.  God told Moses to go to Pharaoh and demand the complete release of the Israelites.  Pharaoh would agree to this if the Israelites would stay close by, or leave their children, their livestock, or their possessions.  But Moses would not allow for these concessions.  So as we continue our study in the book of Exodus, Pastor Steve shares how to stand strong against the enemy's compromise.  Take a listen.

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Overwhelmed by God and Not Your Troubles by Steve Mays

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when life brings financial, relational or spiritual trouble. But what if, instead of focusing on the trials and challenges, Christians would allow themselves to be overwhelmed by God? Pastor Steve Mays invites you to accept God’s promise of abundant life.

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