Focus on the Family Weekend with John Fuller
Jim Daly and John Fuller are joined by Jason & Kara Tippetts to discuss her story of wresting through breast cancer and how she has learned to seek God in the midst of a hard diagnosis. Two years ago, at the age of 36, Kara was diagnosed with breast cancer and it has now crossed the blood/brain barrier and has metastasized into her entire body. They discuss what the treatments have been like and the difficulty in the waiting for results. They share how they grapple with the “Why me?” questions, how they’ve talked to their kids about cancer, and the impact that cancer has had on their lives and marriage. Special emphasis is placed on the power of community and the need to have a group of people with which you can share. Program ends with Jim praying for Jason and Kara.
  • Saturday, October 18, 2014

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The Best of 2010 Broadcast CD Collection

Focus on the Family presents this collection of the most popular Focus on the Family broadcasts for 2010. You'll hear all of the year's best advice, counseling, touching moments and humor. Included are programs on marriage, parenting, and inspiration for life.

Broadcasts and guests featured in this collection include:

-  Game Plan to Revolutionize Your Marriage I-II Dr. Kevin Leman
-  Goodbye to a Legend: Coach John Wooden Coach John Wooden (deceased) and Mr. Tim Tassopoulos
-  Practical Tools for Raising Well-Behaved Children I-II Mr. John Rosemond
-  My Journey to Faith and Family I-II Mr. Jim Daly
-  Is There a Hero in Your Husband? I-II Dr. Juli Slattery
-  Exploring God's Enduring Story I-II Rev. Ray Vander Laan
-  Helping Your Child Succeed at School I-II Mrs. Cynthia Tobias -  Finding Strength in the Struggles of Life I-II Mr. Jim Daly
-  Rekindling the Romance in Your Marriage I-II Dr. David Clarke
-  The Unexpected Joys of Raising an Autistic Child I-II Ms. Emily Colson and Mr. Chuck Colson
-  Energizing Your Marriage With Love and Respect I-II Dr. Emerson and Mrs. Sarah Eggerichs
-  Surviving the Holocaust I-III (2 discs) Mr. David Faber

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