Changed By The Word with Dr. J. Bruce Sofia
Revealing God's Nature Part 3
Today we conclude our study of God’s divine nature. Pastor Bruce has been addressing this topic with us using the first two commandments. If this series “Revealing God’s Nature” has touched you heart, you can order it at our website Join us tomorrow for a teaching series entitled “Navigating through the storms of life” from Psalm 34. And now here is the conclusion of “Revealing God’s nature”.

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Where Was God When...?

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When difficult and seemingly unexplainable circumstances happen in life - tornados, earthquakes, cancer, drug overdose, people with mental or physical challenges, divorce and more - we tend to ask God, “Why?”.

In this 2-part sermon, ”Where Was God When...?”, Bruce Sofia explains how we can best respond to the tragic events that occur in our lives. He also addresses “Where does evil comefrom?” Finally, in exploring God’s attributes, we learn that when we change the question from WHY to HOW (do I respond...), we lay hold of that deep settled peace, which guards our minds and hearts in Christ Jesus.

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