Are You Wasting Your Time?


Ever wonder why so many of the movie stars we admire commit suicide, abuse drugs, abuse alcohol, quickly change lovers and live lives that eventually self-destruct? Isn’t it enough that they can have anything or anybody they want? Even though many of us WASTE TIME crouched on the edge of our seats mesmerized over the latest and greatest concerning them, the truth is, they are no different than you and I. They are searching too; only with a multimillion dollars worth of reasons to waste more time doing it.


Many of us will waste our entire lives searching for a happiness that will never remain. For some of us, happiness means finding someone who will love us. For others, happiness means getting wealth, fame, being admired, buying a cool car, a big house or wearing designer clothes. But, if you really look at the list, although having some of these things may make you feel good for the moment, do they have any real power to KEEP you happy? Are they truly fulfilling? For example, what happens when the man or woman in your life cheats on you or dumps you for another? What happens when a friend or neighbor buys a bigger house, a better car or wins the attention of a girl, boy, man or woman that is better looking than you? The answer is, the feelings that once gave you a feeling of worth and joy are now just memories that sadden you and torment you and your search for happiness has to start all over again.


The problem with this is, now you have lost so much time. Beauty fades, material things deteriorate and become outdated. But, we are stuck with our choices and the wreckage of our past. We were created for a purpose and for as long as we avoid that purpose, our search for happiness will continue to disappoint us, damage us, injure us and steal years from our lives.


What is your purpose? Christ and ONLY Christ holds the answer to that question and to all that you need. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36