A Life of Submission

May 23, 2017
A Different Perspective with Berni Dymet

Being A Team Player

May 24, 2017

Other people can be such a pain in the neck sometimes. Well, it’s true isn’t it? They can. So the temptation is to go it alone, do things ourselves. Pride sets in – you know what I’m talking about. And yet it’s that very attitude that nobbles people – that stops them from living an extraordinary life.

Join Berni Dymet takes a look at life… from a different perspective.

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About A Different Perspective

Let's face it – life has its ups and downs. And sometimes, we're so busy just getting from one day to the next, we find ourselves in a rut. Why don't you come and join Berni Dymet for just 10 minutes, as he takes a fresh new look at life, from a different perspective

About Berni Dymet

My passion is just to spend some time with you in God's Word.

I sacrificed 25 years of my life to an international career in the corporate world. But no matter how successful I became….I always felt so empty inside.

Then, during a tough time in my life, I encountered Jesus Christ. What astounded me was that as He spoke His Word into my heart, He transformed my life – Christianity actually worked! I was full of a joy unspeakable. And it's been like that ever since – during the good times and the bad.

So, why don't you come and spend some time with me….in His Word.


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