Tomorrow Will Come
By David Chadwick

All of us have bad days. When they occur, are there some steps we can take to overcome them?

I think so. Here’s an idea. Realize tomorrow will come. Unless there is a worldwide apocalypse, the world isn’t going to end. The sun will come up and a new day will begin.

Therefore, if today is not going well, realize it will have an end. Nighttime will come, you will go to sleep, and a new day will begin.

Decide today that tomorrow will be better. You will awaken with a fresh outlook on life and new hope in your heart. You determine you won’t let things remain the same.

Focusing on tomorrow will help today go better.

Yes, we all have bad days. But tomorrow will come…

And give us more hope.

Live in-tune with the heartbeat of God!

God might have blessed all Christians with grace, but sin still affects our lives.

It steals our happiness and keeps us from experiencing fullness and meaning that Jesus intended us to enjoy.

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