Harvest Christian Fellowship

Pastor Mike Finizio

Opening the Eyes of the Blind

November 12, 2015
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Sin causes pain, disease, and physical defects. Jesus performed many works during His ministry on Earth, such as the healing of the blind man in the Gospel of John, chapter 9. From the scriptures, we know that Jesus fervently does the works of God the Father, so when God gives us opportunities to do His work, let us do them with all of our might. The miracle of Jesus healing the blind man serves to makes us hopeful about our souls and the souls of the ones we love.
References: John 9:1-12
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About Harvest Christian Fellowship

Listen to Mike Finizio preach from Harvest Christian Fellowship (a nondenominational church) in New York City. Harvest Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian church and congregation that is committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the teaching of His Word, the Bible. Mike founded this ministry and has served this congregation for 29 years. Prior to coming to New York, Pastor Mike was involved in ministry in both Hawaii and Alaska. Harvest Christian Fellowship is in fellowship with Calvary Chapel Ministries.

About Pastor Mike Finizio

Mike Finizio is the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship of Manhattan. A church noted for the relevant teaching of word of God, it's contemporary worship and it's community outreach. Mike has served the people of Harvest for 29 years.

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