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Candid Conversations with Jonathan Youssef with Jonathan Youssef

Episode 80: David Robertson: The Tragedy of Ravi Zacharias

February 23, 2021

It's difficult and heart breaking to process the news of confirmed allegations of personal impropriety by Ravi Zacharias. Apologist David Robertson joins Jonathan Youssef for a respectful conversation on the importance of grieving this report, what it means for Christian leaders to be held accountable, whether or not scandal discredits previous teachings, and what we can learn, if anything, from this revelation.  

David Robertson is from Scotland where he was a minister and apologist for 18 years before moving to Australia to lead Third Space, an evangelistic initiative of City Bible Forum in Sydney. He has written several books including The Dawkins Letters and A.S.K: Real World Questions/Real World Answers. He is an award-winning blogger with The Wee Flea blog and is a contributor to  

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About Candid Conversations with Jonathan Youssef

In your search for answers, never settle for less than the Truth. That’s the heart of Jonathan Youssef's weekly podcast, Candid Conversations. Join him each week for honest, authentic, and truth-filled conversations where he tackles tough issues, answers your hard questions, and takes a candid look at the Christian faith. As you listen in on these candid conversations with Jonathan and various experts on Christian worldview topics, you'll be challenged and encouraged to live out your faith with renewed confidence and joy. Candid is a podcast from Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef.

About Jonathan Youssef

Jonathan Youssef is a husband, father, and pastor. After spending the last few years as an assistant minister in Sydney, Australia, Jonathan is now back in Atlanta serving as a pastor to young adults in their 20s and 30s. Equipped with a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies, with firsthand experience discipling young people, he has a passion to teach God's Word and confront the challenges the next generation is facing in today's culture.

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